Little ripples can make big waves.

In the waves of change, we steer your business in the right direction with Brand, Digital & Event Strategies that keep you competitive in the Digital Age.

Digital Marketing

Our team connects your business with potential customers through our digital marketing services that combine consumer research, community engagement and innovative online tools!


Our initial task is to help you better define your brand’s mission, values and target audience. It requires a holistic understanding of everything your brand represents and the needs of your target audiences.

Event Marketing

Building relationships with potential customers through live experiential events where new tools and technologies are transforming how people live, work and communicate. There are tremendous opportunities in the evolution of your business!

When it comes to brand experiences, one size doesn’t fit all.

That’s why Drinkwater Marketing embraces the ideas, goals and challenges that set you apart, and create programs that capture your unique point of view.

Check us out! We loved chatting with Boston Voyager. What an honor to be featured.

Our Services

So much of what is shared on social media is visual and intimately connected to customer experiences. We create events that your customer will want to attend, photograph, and share with their  friends , family, and followers. Let’s connect about an event strategy for your business.

Digital Marketing
We tell your brand’s story on all Social Media. It’s not just enough to post products and images – we take your audience on a journey.
We help you better define your brand’s mission, values and target audience. It requires a holistic understanding of everything your brand represents and the needs of your target audience. We take a deep dive into your business to create brand consistency, brand communication, execution and alignment with your target audience.
Web Design
Listening to our clients we learn about their business and determine the goals of the site. Strategies and methods are then developed to attain the goals. Branding, attracting attention and speaking to the target audience is key. All sites use state-of-the art technology, are responsive, viewing well on all devices.
Drinkwater Productions Marketing  has been inspiring and teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their business into a successful brand for over a decade! Let us lead you through digital marketing strategies that transform brand-building from a costly, discrete, subjective activity into the most integral way of managing and growing your business. Shoot us a quick email to chat! Click here.
Consumer Engagement Labs: Seasonal Digital Strategy

  • Learn how to create your Seasonal  Digital Strategy to drive sales!
  • Get insight into consumer trends, tips on digital platforms to drive sales!
  • Develop great customer experiences during each season!
  • Reserve your seat at our FREE workshop today!

Zoom into Social Media 

  • Learn how to  optimize your branded social media platforms  with your business features, benefits and key selling points to drive sales!
  • Get tips on editing and uploading the correct size images, video and audio!
  • Develop engaging content for the social media platform.
  • Reserve your seat for $99 today!

Join our Zoom video conference weekly sessions to set the foundations for your branded social media strategy!

Upcoming Workshops

Tuesday Tips with Drinkwater Marketing

Digital Conferences on Social Media Topics. Click for printable flyer.

Join us from 10:00am – 12:00pm on:

  • January 16 – Business Google+
  • January 23 – LinkedIn
  • January 29 – Instagram for Business
  • January 30 – Facebook for Business

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CIE Welcome to CIE ( pronounced “see”) our event Marketing program for sales professionals. CIE stands for Create, Invite , Execute. Our marketing team uses our influence to connect your brand with qualified prospects. We have built relationships and equity that your brand can build on, here’s how: The DWP team:

  • Create an event marketing concept
  • Research and invite qualified leads
  • Execute event day logistics

Your Team:

  • Show up with a strategy to close deals at the event!

This program is perfect for B2B sales professionals, B2C start ups and new consumer product launches and waNetwork Marketers. Its a MATCH! Let’s get going!

Meet Our Team

Lisa Carter-Knight

Lisa Carter-Knight

Chief Engagement Officer

Stefani Yiokarinis

Stefani Yiokarinis

New Business Development Manager

Erica Osgood

Erica Osgood

Digital Content Editor

Mhairi Baird

Mhairi Baird

Digital Content Editor

Kelly Lonergan

Kelly Lonergan

Assistant Brand Strategist

Social Media Monthly Users

  • YouTube – 1.5 Billion
  • Instagram – 800 Million
  • Google+ – 395 Million
  • Twitter – 330 Million
  • Snapchat – 300 Million
  • Pinterest – 200 Million
  • LinkedIn – 106 Million

We paid someone else $500 for 6 months for Ad Words and didn’t get any improvement at all.  We stopped our ad-word campaigns, began working with Drinkwater and in 6 months, we’re seeing an increase in our page ranking.

Loreen Liberty
Kelleher & Sadowsky, Worcester, MA

Woof Woof

Hiring Lisa Carter and her team at Drinkwater Productions has proven to be the single best decision I have made in promoting my business. Ever since I have been working with DWP I have watched my sales growth in the last year go up over 200%. That is hands down incredible! In partnering with DWP I have gained a lot of knowledge on how we could drive my business through using social media. Knowledge of my brand has grown to a tipping point where everyone seems to finally know who we are, even though we opened our doors in 2003. I have grown to realize the impact social media can add to our clients experience. When new clients come seeking more information about us and our services, we always tell them to check us out on Facebook, so they can SEE who we are and what our current clients think of us. Everyone thinks their business is the best, but when your current clients are telling that story to your prospective clients via social media, lets just say brace yourself for a lot of growth.

Belinda Sinclair, Owner
Woof Woof Daycare & Boarding, Windham, NH


Drinkwater Productions Marketing made a huge impact on our business through their marketing  strategy …  we were very impressed by the quality, professionalism and timeliness of their work.
— G. Miller, Geralyn Miller Design


Drinkwater Productions Marketing delivers excellent business and technical skills… I would highly recommend them for other consulting projects that involve strategic planning and/or product marketing and product management.
— J. Swann, pss Products

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