We steer conversations: Every day there are many conversations happening about your brand, your competitors and your industry throughout the social space. We steer the conversations about your brand.

We evolve: As Consumer reactions evolve into Digital actions ,we support the evolution of 
your brand through digital profiles and platforms.

We adapt: We create social media campaigns that adapt to consumer trends and outlooks in your industry.

We are passionate: We are passionate about ensuring that you are aware of any crisis from the moment it develops. 

We believe: In the power of social media.
                                      We steer conversations... we evolve... we adapt... we are                                                       passionate... we believe...We steer conversations... we                                                evolve... we adapt... we are passionate... we believe.. 
                         We steer conversations... we evolve... we adapt... we are passionate...                               we believe... We are Drinkwater Marketing!
Social business and marketing consulting services. Social media audits, training, strategic planning, goal setting and implementation.
Full service setup, execution, design, measurement, events, campaign and community management influencer outreach!
Brand creation, content marketing, event marketing, web development and design. 
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Here’s how we do it.
When it comes to brand experiences, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we embrace the ideas, goals and challenges that set you apart, and create programs that capture your unique point of view.
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